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Asian Chem Works Pvt Ltd (ACWPL) established in 2005 is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of Food Colors, Perfumes,  Baking Powder, Custard Powder and Aroma Chemicals in India. ACWPL is an “ISO 9001:2005” certified Company. We have purchased businesses of Gujarat Flavours Pvt. Ltd. with the acquisition of the same. We are covering up Food Color, Synthetic Mustard Oil/Perfume and Saccharine Business and taking possession of Brand as “Gem Saccharin, Motor Brand Saccharin, Maharaja Brand Synthetic Mustard Oils and Deer Brand”. The Chemists and Flavourists of Asian Chem Works (B’bay) Pvt. Ltd., Gujarat Flavours Pvt. Ltd. and Asian Chem Works Pvt. Ltd are combine ingredients and aromatic substances to enhance the Food Colors and other Chemical characteristics or mask undesirable sensation, Hence we ensure that our clients get the best quality products in the Industry. 

Our leading Brand ” Tree Birds Brand ” has a wide range of Edible Concentrated & Encapsulated Flavours, Food Colors and Saccharin. Also we are catering to everyday needs “Ring Brand” has numerous Food Flavours and Food Colors used by households, small manufacturers etc. We have also developed “Maharaja Brand” for Synthetic Mustard Oil and Perfume & “Motor Brand Saccharin”, “Tree Birds Saccharin” & “Gem Saccharin Brand” for Saccharin. All our products comply with stringent standard of FSSAI & its rules.u

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